Firms Updating Disaster Plans in Response to Hurricane Sandy

disaster recovery thumb Firms Updating Disaster Plans in Response to Hurricane SandyWith the hurricane Sandy picking up strength as it barrels towards the East Coast, energy companies are breaking out their disaster recovery plans. The report “Disaster Management and Recovery Planning” examines long and short-term goals for mitigation, planning and recovery from disaster and provides a special focus on management of energy infrastructure during the time of disaster including a checklist for emergency response and recovery.

Every year, tornadoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters injure and kill thousands of people and damage billions of dollars worth of property. Often, it is almost impossible to predict or prevent the occurrence of these disasters. However it is possible to reduce their impact by developing a disaster management and recovery planning strategy.

This report on Disaster Management and Recovery Planning is a detailed guide for utilities, power plant operators, pipeline and transmission line operators, businesses, governments, communities and emergency operations teams to develop and maintain a disaster management and recovery plan. It outlines the four phases of a disaster: Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery and provides detailed instructions on developing a mitigation plan prior to a disaster.


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