Noveda iPad App to Monitor Energy and Water Use

Noveda Technologies recently launched its Building EKG™ energy and water saving iPad app, the first in a series of mobile-based applications developed for business enterprises to manage renewable energy production, energy consumption and water usage in real-time.

The Building EKG™ application allows businesses to make on-demand changes across multiple platforms and at multiple facilities.  This application combines the capabilities of Noveda’s suite of monitoring solutions (EnergyFlow Monitor, SunFlow Monitor®, and Carbon Footprint Monitor), giving an integrated view of all critical energy cost drivers, including electric, gas, steam, and oil, among others.

Joe Jacob, chief technology officer at Noveda, said, “Building EKG™ is the first in a suite of tablet PC and smart phone apps that we will be launching to enable our customers to save on energy and water bills, meet sustainability goals and stay ahead of competition and regulation. This new offering addresses the global movement towards mobile internet computing, mobile enterprises and mobile workers.  More and more we see tablet devices being integrated as viable business tools and Noveda wants to be at the forefront of that shift with our clients.”


This report examines how tablet PCs – specifically Apple iPads — are affecting the efficiency and profitability of energy industry companies. It shares case studies of iPads being used by energy industry companies internally and through app development as a way to connect with customers, and includes profiles of dozens of iPad apps developed for the energy industry.

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